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It is a compulsion, and a secret pleasure. We lost track of the times we have either hoarded or had bubble wrap snatched right out of our hands to be popped mercilessly, either one-by-one or by the impatient wring-out technique. It is a natural law that man loves to pop bubble wrap

We will take all of the fun out of the pop by making it fun, with the new PuchiPuchi infinite bubble wrap toy. Puchipuchi in world is the sound of a little pop as well as the name for bubble wrap, so the toy basically named itself! Designed to mimic both the sound and feeling of popping little plastic bubbles, PuchiPuchi can be carried around as a key chain for popping. Their slogan Anytime, anywhere, forever you can puchipuchi basically says it all.

You may think that popping bubbles is boring, but the toy makes a sound effect every 100 pops, including door chime, barking dog, fart, and sexy voice. To add even more excitement to the craziness of Puchipuchi, there is a 1:1000 chance that you will get a puchi lucky toy that has a

heart-shaped bubble. Is there a better way to make your friends jealous
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