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Plant Origin: Pueraria lobata
Active Ingredient: Isoflavnis / Puerarin
Part used: Root
Pueraria (Kudzu Root) , Chinese name of Ge - gen is a perennial, has been known for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Kudzu Root is high in isoflavones, such as daidzein, as well as isoflavone glycosides, such as daidzin and puerarin. Action and Uses:Puerarin is a heteroflavonol compound. It has obvious function of coronary artery dilatation, releasing blood vessel convulsion, enhancing coronary artery flux, reducing cardiac muscle oxygen consumption, improving the contraction function of cardiac muscle that lacks of blood, controlling hemoblast conglomeration, reducing blood mucosity, increasing micro-artery caliber and blood flux, improving the brain micro circulation and body micro circulation, and carotid extension.
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