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Puerarin has improve the heart and brain circulation, lowering blood sugar, anti-hypertension and arteriosclerosis, increased immunity in a variety of biological activity, but also enhance vision, rapidly sobering up and the estrogen-like effect. New factors as the natural effect of puerarin in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry plays an important role in such areas. In 1993 China approved a new drug for the treatment of puerarin as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, commercial name called Puerarin.
When Puerarin used as a cosmetic ingredient, its unique Phytoestrogen efficacy of natural aging and alleviate symptoms caused by declining estrogen levels, for breasts is saggy, skin wrinkling, skin vigor drops, hair having lost its colour and so on, and so was used in the manufacture of abundant-breast frost, eye frost, care-skin frost, such as.
The Puerarin mainly from the roots of legume Pueraria lobata (Wild. ) Ohwi.
English name: puerarin
molecular formula: C21H20O9
molecular weight:416.4
CAS No. : 3681-99-0
structural formula:
Appearance: White columnar crystal
puerarin: >=99.5%
melting point: l870-l880
Ignition residue: <=1%
Loss on drying: <=5.0%
Heavy metal: <5ppm
Pathogen: <300CPU, Salmonella or Escherichia coli should not be detected.
Mold: <100CPU
Package: 0.5kg/bags 1kg/bags
The aboves are accord with the CP-2005E(China) .