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1. microsoft company numeral computer CMOS chip, automatic massage/time setting

2. multi-massage , automatic/manual mode

3. the time , parts and intensity of massage is adjustable, adopt imported elastic holding belt and it is free to control.

4. inside which there are 8 healthy magnets with high gauss up to 1800

5. gather the function of healthy, body-building, body shaping and fosterage into a integral whole

6. arm-swing adopt the principle of auto jack, the move is more easy and powerful.

7. with the technic of auto baking paint, the paint surface is durable.

8. double-direction pulling, can do the traction to the neck, lumbar and legs at the same time.

Function feature:

1. make use of the principle of physical traction, break the gene limit of descendiblity, innate and posteriority, help the skelecton to be in second growth.

2. pulling by straight line, relieve the body growth pressure, help the skelecton spread the growth space, break the stature limit.

3. rectify the anamorphic backbone, release nervous nerve and the pain of neck, shoulder, waist and leg arthrosis.

4. pulling the skelecton lengthways , help the stature straight, beauty the leg line, rectify the shape of body.

5. can relax the muscle, relieve the tiredness and pressure, improve the sleepping quality and blood circulation, prevent from all kinds of pathological changes of arthrosis and backbone.
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