Sell Pull-type forage harvester KDP-3000 "POLESIE"

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Forage pull-type harvesters KDP-3000 Polesie are intended for cutting corn,
including corn both in wax and full stage of ripeness, sorghum, sunflower and other high-stemmed crops, picks up mass form swaths with simultaneous leaf-and-stem mass chopping and grain grinding, loading the mass into transporter wagon, for preparing of hay and cutting for feeding of cattle.
Testing records in Vladimir machine testing center No. 03-90-01
Certificate of conformity No. ROSS BY. RB01. B09260.

1. Harvester equipped with drum-type header, which is used for harvesting of corn without any limits in height, during harvesting excepts looses of corn cobs, also provides qualitative crushing by the conveyance of stems into the feeding unit with butt end forward.
2. Harvester equipped with detector of metal parts and system of emergency stop of feeding unit.
3. The disc-type chopper provides a high quality of chopping and grinding; more efficient use of loading capacities of transport means, which provides daily overweight of young bull up to 200 grams and milk yield up to 2 liters.
4. High level of shredding of green mass improves the full loading of transport wagons.
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