Sell Pulse Finger Oximeter--FOS

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Pulse Finger Oximeter--FOS:
SpO2 & pulse monitoring, and histogram of pulse display;
Low voltage alarm display;
Easy to use &high accuracy and repetition;
Automatic power-off after 8 seconds of idle signal;
Light weight (50g) , batteries included, small size, portable;
Long time continuous use (100 h) with 2 AAA batteries.
Type LCD display
1 display mode
Parameters SpO2, PR, Pleth bar.
Information Low Battery
Patient Range
Adult Pediatric
Range 0%-99%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy 12% in stage of 70 %
0%-69%: unspecified
Method Dual wavelength LED
Heart (Pulse) Rate
Range 30-240 bpm
Resolution 1bpm Accuracy
12bpm or 12%
Operating Temperature 50-400
Storage Temperature -100 - 400
Operating Humidity 15%RH - 95%RH
Storage Humidity 10%RH - 95%RH
Type of protection internally powered equipment
Safety IEC Standard 61601-1-1
Size Size 58(L) W 32(W) W 34(H) mm
Weight 50g (including 2 batteries)
Type 2 AAA size 1.5V Alkali Batteries
2 AAA 1.5V rechargeable batteries
Operation time minimum 30 hours for normal Operation