Sell Pumping Well Model

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The beam unit model is the extraction tool model which is the actuation equipment of the oil extraction system who has shaft, it leads chain wheel, chain link work after moderating through the decelerator, thus causes the wide band up and down motion, finish oil extraction through the sucker rod leading the oil-well pump. It may demonstrate the beam unit, the oil-well pump and the indicator work principles, observe the beam unit and the oil-well pump structures, demonstrate movement process of the transmission mechanism, the reversing mechanism, the brake mechanism and the balance mechanism, demonstrate the whole oil extraction and gas separation process that the oil liquid or oil gas mixture enters the pump tube, oil pipe, and the petroleum pipeline through the extraction well head.

SPEC(mm) 900W500W1800
Electrical machinery power 200W
Stroke(mm) 823
Jig frequency(r/min) 1
Oil-well pump theory displacement 0.58
Pump diameter(mm) 30
Condition of Goods
Model Number