Sell Punctureseal Tyre Sealant

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Punctureseal (Stoke on Trent) Ltd specialises in Puncture Prevention. Punctureseal has been tested for road use up to speeds of 156mph. This is possible because Punctureseal is water based and remains in its liquid state for the complete legal life of the tyre, not breaking up under the shear forces generated at speed. The road use rating is a testament to the fact that Punctureseal does not cause any balance problems due to its ability to work in harmony with your tyres.

Under-inflated tyres, cause-rolling resistance, which increases fuel consumption. They also heat up quicker and run hotter, wearing out up to 40% faster. Heat Is The Number One Tyre Killer. Punctureseal assists in protecting tyres from the devastating heat build-up that is associated with friction caused by under-inflation and/or overloading.

Punctureseal is the number one tyre sealant in the world. A product NO tyre should be without.

Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 Days
Model Number
24 Unit Bottle
Minimum Order Quantity
576 Units