Buy Purchase of 175,000 MT  Tons of Wheat

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Sub: Purchase of 175,000 MT of Wheat.

Dear Sir

We would like to represent ourselves as a leading business conglomerate engaged in international business including import, export, tender, marketing and supply with a strong presence both in government and private sector for a long time in Bangladesh. Presently we have requirement of 175,000(One hundred Seventy Five Thousand) Metric Tons of Wheat to supply to one of the purchasing authority of Bangladesh Government through International tender. The tender closing date is February 25, 2007.

Quality Specification

Wheat shall be crop of 2007 or latest crop as follow

i. Test Weigh (Minimum) : 75 Kg/hl

ii. Damaged Kernels(Maximum) :4%(including maximum 0.2% heat
damaged kernels)
iii. Foreign Material(Maximum) :0.7%
iv. Shrunken & Broken kernels(Maximum) :5%
v. Wheat of other classes : 5% ( including maximum 2%
contrasting classes)
vi. Protein content (Minimum) :10%( at 12% moisture)
vii. Moisture content(Maximum) :13.5 %
viii. Dockage (Maximum) :1%( all dockage shall be deductible
From value)
ix. Radioactivity (Maximum) : 50 Bq/kg of 137 Cs( Relaxable for the crop
of SAARC & South East Asian Countries)

We are looking for experienced producer/suppliers/exporters to attend this tender jointly with us. Payment will be made through L/C on CIF Chittagong and Mongla Sea port basis.

Please contact with us for detail information.

Thanking You.

Jacob Gomes
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