Cooperate Purchasing/selling exculsive agent

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WE would like to offer our services to you and act as your mandate purchasing or
Selling agent to help you either sell and or find and purchase the products that you are looking for. For sellers to help you to sell the products that you want to sell. We are paid on a commission basis depending on product and quantity amount it is between 10 % and 25% commission depending on total value of the contract. However, our fees are Negotiable and I am sure we can meet in the middle. We just want our customers/clients to be satisfied with our services and get what they are wanting and to sell the products for the distributor/seller. We work very hard so you dont have to. We do not rest until the results are favorable for both buyer and seller. All sales are negotiable, until final contract is signed and sealed. If you are in need of an agent that will work very hard for you to ensure that(for buyers) -you get the product and or products that you are looking for. (for sellers) your products are sold for a fair price. If you are looking for an honest company to work with and to represent you that wont gouge your pockets and pocketbooks please contact us. We verify every Seller to be legitimate, and every buyer to be legitimate. If it is a buyer, we verify all their information. If it is a seller, we require their proof of product/guarantee/ license if necessary and certificates of origin. In addition, customs certificate if necessary.
Please contact us at your soonest convenience. Tell us what you are in need of or want to sell we will do our best to satisfy your needs. We will work very hard for the seller; we will never bring shame on the seller and or buyers. We are a honest company and we do honest business. This is the only way that we will work. If we find a company that does not deal fairly and or honestly, we will let the seller and or buyers know.
We look forward to representing your company in its endeavor to either sell the products that it manufacturers or help the buyer to purchase the products that it needs.