Sell Pure Carum Copticum / Bishop's Weed / Ajwain

Pure Carum Copticum / Bishop's Weed / Ajwain
Exporter of Pure Carum Copticum / Bishop's Weed / Ajwain From india.

Botanical Name: Carum Copticum Ajwain Seeds English Name: Bishop's Weed,

Ajwan, Carom, Ajowan Common Name: Ajwain Plant Part: Seeds

Actions and Uses:

Ajwain used as a calming herb to ease flatulent dyspepsia and intestinal colic,

especially in children. It stimulates the appetite. Its astringency is

taken advantage of in the treatment of diarrhea, and in laryngitis as a gargle.

It is also used in the treatment for bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

It has been used to increase milk flow in nursing mothers. properties of carum

seed can be taken advantage of in soothing the digestive tract, muscles such as uterus, etc.

It is also useful for menstrual cramps.
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