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Botanical Name : Foeniculum Vulgare

English Name : Fennel Seeds

Common Name : Saunf

Plant Part : Seeds

Actions and Uses:

Fennel seeds are the ripe, dried, gray-green striped to yellowish brown schizocarpic fruits

(4 - 10.5 mm long, 2 - 4 mm wide) of the fennel bush, belongs to the Umbelliferae family.

Obtained from this aromatic and medicinal plant, the seeds emit a pleasant odor,

are highly aromatic and have a pungent flavor. Fennel seeds are a common cooking spice,

particularly for use with Non Vegetarian dishes. After meals, they are used to prevent gas

and upset stomach. The seeds are also used in Latin America to increase the flow of

breast milk. In some regions of Italy, fennel seeds are still used today in sausage making.
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