Sell Pure Graphite Packing

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XHC -1014 Pure Graphite Packing


Except few strong oxidation media, it is applicable to seal the media such as hot water, high temperature, high pressure vapor, heat exchange medium, hydrogen, ammonia, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, and low temperature liquid, etc. It is used in valve sealing in industrial fields of petroleum, power plant, chemical industry and steelworks, etc.


This packing has the characteristics of higher mechanism strength, and good versatility, good flexibility and high strength, which plays the protective role to the shaft lever. Its sealing performance will be more perfective and safer with the combination of common braised packing, which is the most efficient potted component to solve the problem of high temperature & pressure sealing.

Technical parameter:

Temperature 6500
Pressure 35MPa
Chemical resistance PH value 0-14