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Selected honey and comb honey from wild mountains in Turkey for healthy and good life. The source is coming from hunderds of wild flowers.

Poly flora, pine, orange blossom, sunflower, cotton honey and honeycomb are available everytime.

Minimum standart quality; Invert Sugar: Min.65 %, Moisture: Max.18 %, HMF: Max.15 mg/KG, Diastase: Min.15, Sucrose: Max.5 %. ( max.10 % for Pine ) , C13: -23,5 or more negative, Protein difference: - 1,0 or more positive.

Homogenized ( 10 tons tank ) , pure honey, without artificial fructose, glucose. Free from all of kind sulfonamides, naphthalene and nitrofurane. Free from chloramphenicol, streptomycin and tetracycline.

The honey is available in jar with different grams from 225 gr to 850 gr or in new plastic buckets or in drum for bulk export.

The comb honey (honey with wax ) with wooden frame, covered with white wax and plenty of honey.
Gross is nearly 3.5 kgs/3.6 kgs and net is 3.1 kgs/3.2 kgs.

Packing: First, in a carton box seperately and than another big carton box with 6 or 12 piece.

Free from all of kind sulfonamides and naphthalene, nitrofurane. Free from chloramphenicol, streptomycin and tetracyclines. Otherwise according to EU veterinary control.

Packing for retail sale; in 250 gr and 500 gr new plastic container.

Private label is possible for serious buyers.

Our Quality Certificates ; TSE, ISO EN 9002, HACCP, TS 13001.

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