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There has always been a real demand for communication every wherespecially in remote areas or on the move where disaster recovery teams or newsagent need to get connected to the main offices to send or receive data, insuch cases Satellite is the only communication technique can be used. In suchplace and conditions mobilizing and installing a 1.2 m satellite antenna canconsume time and effort when both are valuable.

Introducing Pure Mobility the revolutionaryself deploying 2-way satellite communication system for people on the move inneed for communication was the EgyptSat challenge to produce such a uniquehigh-tech fully integrated communication solution. With pure mobility installedon the roof of a car, users now have the ability to get connected from remotelocations similar to the way they do from central locations.

Once the car come to a stop, an intelligentMicroprocessor system along with an integrated GPS sensor will measure thelatitude and the longitude position of the car, an accurate electronic compasswill measure the orientation of the car, then the pointing parameter willpreciously be calculated based on the measure data, then the microprocessorwill simultaneously control three motor to adjust the 1.2 m satellite antennaselevation, azimuth and polarity and accurately point and fine tune the antennato the satellite.

As for communication, Pure mobility comeswith a build in satellite modem that can offer a 9 mbps on the receive side and1 mbps on the send side. A build in WiFi route provides mobile wireless dataand Internet connectivity at a distance of 50 m. Two WiFi telephone handsetsare supplied with the system to offer global voice communication to supportrescue activates and remote communication.

An advance object tracking high speed domecamera is fitted to the front of the system with 22X optical zoom and 10Xdigital zoom. The camera features powerful IR light makes it capable ofcapturing a high quality streaming in dark nights at a distance of 40 m