Sell Pure Sine Wave UPS with Individual AVR

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Item No. : HT-600

Product Name: Pure Sinewave UPS with individual AVR

HT series UPS integrated with latest on-line and communication technology, giving a perfect power solution for your restrict requirements. CPU control and PWM technology, making our UPS a reliable pure sine wave power hub, suitable for all type of inductive/ resistive or complex loading. Higher efficiency and better protection, you can control the UPS by computer interface or SNMP adaptor.

And more important is HT series UPS has an individual AVR inside, you dont need to turn on the UPS but it will work like an AVR, with wider input range and higher precision!

CPU control
CPU control, built-in intelligent software offers high precision output.

PWM technology, Pure Sine Wave output
Pure sine wave output, suitable for all types of loading includes resistive load, inductive load, complex load

Sensitive short circuit protection
When short circuit happens, UPS will shut down the inverter and giving warning.

Sensitive intelligent overload protection
On battery mode, overload Less than 120%, UPS will give warning (beeping) for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds, UPS will switch off inverter to avoid damage to the UPS; on Normal mode, overload will activate the beeping warning under loading is reduced to normal range.

Optional LED or LCD Human-Machine Interface
Simplified LED displayer or advanced LCD display. For LCD displayer, input/output voltage and frequency, output current can be showed on the screen.

Shorter transfer time
<5ms, make sure your IT applications work smoothly

Self- diagnostic function

Individual AVR function
Built-in individual AVR circuit, even UPS function turn offer, UPS can be work as an Automatic Voltage Regulator

Individual charger
When main power comes back, battery will be recharged automatically even UPS was shut off

Full battery protection
Accurate charging and discharging current monitor and control
Intelligent battery auto-repair function, extend battery lifespan

Computer interface, SNMP adapter (optional)
RS232+advance software can give real time control, SNMP adapter realize remote control to the UPS (optional)