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Pure White Garlic

Pure white garlic, also called snow-white garlic, is the variety of garlic with no purple stripes on the skin. Its price is normally higher than regular white garlic.

1) Variety: pure white garlic
2) Size: 4cm,4.5cm,5.0cm,5.5cm,6.0cm,6.5cm, 7.0cm up
3) Supplying period:
a) Fresh season: early June to mid September
b) Cold storage season: September to next June

Loose packing:
10kg/ctn, 15kg/ctn, 10kg/mesh bag, 20kg/mesh bag

Small packing:
1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn
500g/bag, 20 bags/ctn
250g/bag, 40 bags/ctn
3pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
4pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn
5pcs/bag, 10kg/ctn

Garlic braids:
500g x 20/ctn, 1kg x 10/ctn

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