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In the pusher centrifuge the transport speed of the solids, sliding over the wedge wire basket, is lower than in the worm/screen centrifuge. Consequently the retention time of the material to be centrifuged in the basket is longer. The pusher centrifuge is especially suitable for separation of abrasive product. In addition the relatively thick, dense filter cake ensures a good yield of the very fine solids. Both criteria long retention time and dense filter cake will give the possibility of economical additional dewatering of pre-dewatered solids with high content of fines coming from all kind of filters. Our pusher centrifuges are executed with 1-and-2-step rotating parts. In most applications the outer basket will be cylindrical-conical. In the conical part of the outer basket the filter cake will loosen itself because it adjusts itself all the time on a different diameter to make the discharge of the capillary liquid easier.
An additional advantage is a reduction of the pushing energy for the transport of the solids.
Single-step pusher centrifuges are the most economic solution for simple separation, which means separation of coarse crystal solids from a slurry with high solid concentration.
The most frequently used execution is the double-step. Double-step pusher centrifuges are for a more universal application than a single-step pusher because of the shorter steps. Variable solid concentration and/or finer particles in the feed can be handled easier. Additionally intensive washing of the product cake with washing liquid, displacing the mother liquid, can be realized much easier.