Sell Pyrogallol acid

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Synonym: pyrogallic acid
Chemical name: 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene
Molecular formula and weight: C6H6O3=126.11
CAS: 87-66-1

Description: White lustrous crystalline powder, soluble in 2 parts of water, 1 part of ethanol and 2 parts of ethyl ether.
Specification: Conforming to USA "Standard of Chemical Reagent" of Rosen V Edition and Japanese National Standard of K8780 Reagent Specification.
Main specifications:

Chemical reagent C. P
Item standard
Melting point: 131~1350;
Solubility: In conformity;
Ignition residue: <=0.05 %;
Chloride(Cl) : <=0.002%;
Sulfates(SO4) : <=0.010%;

Application: As chemical reagents, used in such industries as pharmaceuticals, dyes, chemicals. And also been used as photographic developer.
Packaging: In glass bottles of 100gs net each. Outside package is paperboard case of 25W100g net each. In woven plastic bag of 25kg net each as industrial products.