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Proximity Card AND password Opening Door Mode.

*Press Key # four times, the Buzzer make long sound BI, POWER (Red) , OK (Green) , Mode (Yellow) is on at the same time.

*Input 5 digits PIN (Default Password is 12345) , OK (Green) is off. The machine enters Making Program Status.

*Press key 2, MODE light (Yellow) is on, POWER (Red) and OK (Green) light are off.

*Input 4 character password to open a door (Such as: 0008) , the POWER (Red) and OK light (Green) flash.

*Read the user card that needs log in, a sound BI will be heard, POWER light (Red) is off, OK (Green) and MODE light (Orange) are on, the user card is registered successfully.

*Input 4 digits PIN for opening the door, OK (Green) is off, POWER (Red) is on, which showing PIN is registered.

*Press key 7, MODE (Yellow) and POWER light (Red) are bright, OK light (Green) is off.

*Press key 1, a short sound BI will be heard, MODE light is bright, which shows setting is successful.

*Press Key 6 to Exit programming status.

Opening Door Note: First punching the card, and then input the password in 30 seconds.
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