Sell Q32 Tumblast type shot blast cleaning machine

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Q32 tumblast type shot blast cleaning machine

This type of machine is particularly suitable for shot blasting small parts loaded in bulk Components that can be tumblasted are best suited for processing within this high performance machine series. optimum blasting results are achieved with a variety of parts types ranging from small sensitives plastic parts to large sold forgings. depending on the process requirements, our series can be equipped with rubbers or steel slatted belts. a special anti-abrasive rubber mat arranged as a cradle receives the articles to be treated and with its movement maintains them in a constant tumble.

This articles are hot by the jet of abrasive generated by the turbine, and by continuously changing position, they receive the shotblasting treatment extremely uniformly on all the surface. a steel belt is recommended for all earth fusion materials and for all parts with weight exceediTechnical data
series model Q326C Q3210C QR3210

1 productivity T/h 0.6-1.2 3-5 1.5-2.5
2 First shot capacibility kg 200 800 600
3 Max. component weight kg 10 150 30
4 End plate diameter mm 650 1000 1000
5 Max. batch volume m 0.15 0.4 0.3
6 Shot blasting capacibility kg/min 100 250 250
7 Air required for dust colector m3/h 2200 6000 5000
8 Power kw 12.6 32.6 24.3
9 Size of the machine mm 3681W1650W5800 3644W2926W5856 3972W2600W4768
10 Weight of the machine kg 2340 11010 5843
ng 15 kg each.