Sell QP5700 Type Clean & Cutting Crusher

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QP5700 Type Clean & Cutting Crusher can be used together with automotive wagon tipper. The crusher is installed on the grid plate which located at bottom of automotive wagon tipper, and it is used for cutting and clean off block material which cant pass through grid plate hole and stop on the grid plate. QP5700 type clean & cutting crusher is widely used in conveyance system of incoming material in Thermal power plant, Steel and Iron Plant, Metallurgical plant, Chemical enterprise.

Structural feature
QP5700 Type Clean & Cutting Crusher is mainly composed of body, crushing system, running system, driving system, electric control system and so on.
1. Cutting teeth made of high hardness material are equipped in the crushing roller. Cutting teeth adopt demountable structure more convenient than ever, not only can it crush block material, but also can cut hay band, branch and so on sundries mixed in material. Cutting teeth adopt arrangement way of big helical angle multi-helix, and it can focus on instantaneous crushing force and ensure crush effect of high speed impact.
2. Running system adopt way of frequency control, can adjust running speed according to material character, and make equipment get the best crush effect.
3. Electric control system adopt two kinds of control way, including supervisory control and on site control, and both control ways can be selected freely and self-locking each other. Electrical system install short circuit, over loading, under-voltage, over-voltage and so on dependability electric defensive function as well as acousto-optic alarm device, which can ensure equipment normal working under safe condition.