Sell QSG/QYG Series Impeller Coal Feeder

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The Impeller Coal Feeder is applicable in gap typed coal channel of thermal power plant. It transfers the crude coal to the transmitting belt quantitatively, evenly, and continuously through the rotation of an impeller and the lengthways movement of the machine. It is also used in the feeding system of bulk materials in Coal, Metallurgy, Mine, Construction materials and Chemicals industry.
This series of product has a novel structure and perfective performance. The main part of the transmission system adopts advanced upwards driving mode or downwards driving mode so as to make a sensible layout. It has overload protection equipment which insures the safe running of the equipment. The moving organ is the third generation design, which has simple structure and convenient maintenance. Sprayer or dust catcher can be equipped on it, which will clear the dust while working. Use cable tow truck or safe wire to electrify.

Speed variation can adjust the coal quantity continuously at any moment.
It can transfer the coal at the origin place or when is moving without empty transmitting.
It can work locally or with remote control.
No dust emission which is good for environment protection.