Sell QSGA1/20 High-speed Ampoule Section Automatic Line

QSGA1/20  High-speed Ampoule Section Automatic Line
Advanced control system makes the production line operation the design parameter, whereby, ensure the production process to achieve the normative standard of GMP.
Operation and maintain is reasonable and simple, and the design reforms to the man-machine interface principle, can achieve the highest operation efficiency.
It has high-efficiency purifying laminar flow shield, accords with the standard, to select (general laminar and wall embedded laminar)
It can product the ampoule preparation of various size specification (1~20ml) , the alternate specification is quick, and the commonality is fine.
Its production ability can achieve 24000 ampoules per hour, is the highest efficiency ampoules section automatic line in country at present.

The Technical Parameter
Suitable Specification: 1-20 ml (GB2637-90) Input Power: 37Kw
Production Ability: 1-2 ml 24000 ampoules / hour Net Weight: 4860kg
5ml 18000 ampoule s/ hour
10ml 12000 ampoules / hour
20ml 6000 ampoules / hour