Sell QSS 2301+ QSF450L

QSS 2301+ QSF450L You May Also Be Interested In: mini lab machine recondition machine
Mini-lab machine special offer in April

QSS3300 Brand new, waiting for biding

Please send us mail for more informatiom.

Recondition machine FOB Taiwan Stock
KISS 750------------------------ US$20,000 (1 SETS)

(Manufacture year 2003-11)

QSS2611 VFP4---------------------US$ 5000 (1 SETS)

QSS3001 --------------------------US$35000 (1 SETS)

Recondition machine FOB HongKong Stock
QSS2611VFP4+V50 US$8800/SET (2SETS)

AS IS machine FOB Tai Wan Stock
FUJIPP541B+FP230B -------------US$3300/set (1 SETS)

FUJIPP540+FP230B --------------US$3300/set (1 SETS)

QSS2301+QSF450L ---------------US$7000/set (5 SETS)

QSS2611+QSF450L3--------------US$6000/set (2 SETS)

QSS1501Z+QSF450L--------------US$4500/set (1 SETS)

Recondition machine FOB Taiwan Stock
FUJI238CRT+FP230B-------------US$4800/set (1 SET )

QSS1501Z +QSF450L-2------------US$5000/set (1 SET )

QSS2611 VFP4/QSF430L3----------US$7000/set (1 SET )

QSS2301 /450L2 ----------------US$8500/set (2 SET )

QSS1501Z +QSF430L-3 -----------US$5300/set (1 SET )

QSS1201VZ+QSF450L --------- --US$5000/set (3 SET )

Konica878+KP32 ----------------US$6000/set (3 SET )

Konica858+KP32 ----------------US$5000/set (1 SET )

*****More machine available waiting for your enquiry.


1. All machines are come with standard accessories& 2 paper magazine,

2. English version, cleaned and tested by 220 voltage.

3. Price is based on 20ft container loading.

4. Payment is T/T in advance,

5. The above based on first come first service.