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QT8-15 Brick Making Machine
(1) Rational design, compact structure, body welding technique used to create strong and special steel, widely used in the original joint venture imports. Make the body more stable, and reliable.
(2) Efficient, super exciting system design, the use of computers to control the flow of hydraulic system pressure to achieve vertical synchronous vibration. Frequency, brakes, and two-terminal synthesis output will be balanced and efficient vibration stimulant flu Box ministries, Improve product density and larger scale Box life.
(3) PLC and HMI's entire control system, random signal analysis and fault diagnosis. various parameters required for the creation and shaping, the use of machines to achieve the best work results.
(4) Which is equipped with special hydraulic Machine code can be easily realized production, automated production and save a lot of manpower. Conservation yards and investment liquidity.
(5) Semi-enclosed spiral fabrics mandatory system, using uniform fabrics more rapidly.
(6) Materials storage device, the use of closed transmission -- Roll, strict control on small feed hopper, waiting to be retrieved and used to send, Concrete aftershocks early to prevent liquefaction, affecting fabrics
Theoretical Output:
Pallet Size(mm) pcs/pallet pcs/h pcs/8 hours
QT8-15 Block 390*190*190 8 1820 15360
Hollow Brick 240*115*90 21 5040 40320
Standard Brick 240*115*53 42 10080 8064
Main Technical Parameters:
Model Forming
Period (s) Pallet Size(mm) Total Power (kw) Weight (t) Size (mm)
QT8-15 12-18 940W880W40 42.45 11.8 7200W2180W2825
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