QUICK RELEASE MOORING HOOKS You May Also Be Interested In: hooks
Quick Release Mooring Hooks system consists of hawser towign mechanism and hawser release mechanism, main function as the following:
* automatic hawser towing, hawser towing mechanism pulls the hawser to the shore automatically. The primary heavy work done by 2 or 3 persons, now, can be dong by one person easily.
* safe and reliable hawser mooring, the mechanism is in the self-locking state during hawser mooring condition, foreign forces cannot pull out the hawser from the hooks. Mooring is safe and reliable.
* Quick hawser release, operator pulls the operation handle to open the locking mechanism and the mooring hawser is released promptly. If any emergency takes place such as ships fire at the jetty, it can make the ships leave from the berth to ensurethe satety of jetty and ships, avoiding further loss enlarging.