Sell QY80K Truck Crane

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QY80 Truck Crane uses self-made XZ80 special crane chassis. Full-width driver's cab is spacious, bright and wide vision, with adjustable seat for comfortable operation. Air-conditioner is available for option.
5-section telescopic boom and 2-section folding jib offer a maximum lifting height of 60m. The jib has three offset angle of 0:, 15:and 30:for extension of operating range.
Main structural parts are made of high-tensile steel. Main boom is all-round hexagonal profile, providing optimized cross-section and heavy load lifting capacity.
Two-stage telescopic outriggers give wide extension and good stability.
Equipped with two independent engines of various power and functions for the superstructure and carrier, energy distribution more reasonable, not only having excellent travel performance but also meeting the need of the crane lifting operation.
Ergonomically designed operator's cab conforms to ISO standard, spacious and bright, feels tireless even work for a long time.
Hydraulic pilot control system implements all the operation precisely with soft moving joystick controls.
New type LCD monitor is used for clear display of all crane movements, and easy accession to respective controls, improved safety for operation.
Hydraulic system adopts high-pressure variable displacement system with multi-pump and multi-circuit, and controlled by constant power. Hydraulic valve block is designed in integrated module and fitted with imported joints, features little loss of energy, less heat, high work efficiency and energy-saving.
Swing gear has controlled free swing mechanism with constant-closed brake and fitted with a buffer valve, realize smooth fine motion control.
Perfect safety protection devices of mechanic-electric-hydraulic logical control, equipped with automatic load moment limiter (LML) , over-wind and over-release cut-out device, etc. , greatly improved safety for crane operation.
Excellent travel performance: powerful engine, imported automatic torque converter, dual-circuit hydraulic powered steering and dual-circuit air brake system, all these enable the crane to drive safely, quickly and comfortably.