Sell QZD series hydraulic crimping tools

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After many years of research and development, our company has produced the brand new design "full automatic reset" hydraulic crimping tools for new generation of intelligent high-tech manual hydraulic crimping tools to make users do things with facility during their work and experience the advantage of hydraulic tool and its automatic device.
German High and new technology, novel design
Full automatic reset can replace safety device and save the time of manual pressure release
Manual pressure release button can be loosened during the pressing course and can reset rapidly
Build-in combined type oil valve is convenient for maintenance with less malfunction
Its head part adopts open type and bolt bar type. And it is handy and solid and can rotate freely at 360 degrees of angle
It is applied to overhead distribution and press connection for cooper terminals and sleeve of underground cable. Hexagonal mould is adopted to ensure tight press connection, good electric conduction and non-easy shedding
It can be used as a tool for crimping pipes only when pipe pressing mould is installed