Sell Qiangli capsule---anti-fatigue---herbal medicine

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The Qiangli anti-fatigue capsule---refreshment product are completely herbal product. It is made according to the traditional chinese medicine. It can enhace the function of the whole immune system. It can evidently refresh the body.

It can improve the function of the brain and body, restrain the high speed of heart beat. It can effectively enhance the blood which the cardiac muscle provide and enhance the shrinkage of the cardiac muscle.

2 capsules before breakfast and supper
Lucid Ganoderma, Ginseng, Astragalus Root, China wolfberry, Cordyceps.

Significant role in resisting fatigue
Extend cell life extension animal cell survival time every generation
Curbing excessively heartbeats
Increase Organisms withstand high temperatures and lack of oxygen capacity
Improve cardiac blood, strengthen muscle contraction power, the volume increased heart
Enhance memory function
Improving human intelligence activities, and improving work efficiency
Improve vision, expanding horizons
Resist external harmful material injury to organism
Enhance orgamisms emergency response capacity to enhance the intellectual work of the more physical