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La coccinella Sweden have to offer Qibbla Halal meat
Qibbla Halal was established in 1995. We are now the leading halal meat-company in Scandinavia.

Our principles are unyielding regarding high standards and good quality. Our aim is to produce perfect products to as favourable prices as possible.
Besides a global trading of halal meat products from serious and well-established business relations Qibbla Halal has its own slaughtering and cutting of beef, poultry, lambs and sheep. We have a wide range of our own made products, all produced with
the greatest care to attain the highest quality and standard. The common denominator for all the products is that they are all halal slaughtered according to the Koran and Swedish rules.
What is halal slaughter?

According to the Islamic faith its religious participants may only eat meat that has been treated as per certain rules regarding slaughter and handling. Meat that fulfils these religious Islamic criteria is called halal meat.
When slaughtering the animal must be directed to Mecca as per the Islamic rules and a truthful Muslim must do the slaughter with a sharp knife. The Islamic ritual of slaughter also includes that the butcher pronouns Gods name (In Gods name, God is the greatest) . Beside this the animal has to be given an anaesthetic and with deference to the animal we always see to that the animal is neither hungry or thirsty before the slaughter. There are many rules that must be fulfilled regarding a human Islamic slaughter in order to show respect to the animal. Also Swedish rules say that the animal must be given an anaesthetic before the slaughter. All these rules are followed strictly by
Qibbla Halal Kvtt AB to give halal meat a serious establishment in Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

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