Sell Qu Qiang brand improved polyester fiber

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Qu Qiang brand improved polyester fiber is a kind of improved polyester monofilament fiber which could be the substitute of PP fiber, nylon fiber, carbon fiber, polypropylene fiber and polyethylene fiber as concrete reinforcing fiber.
Its main function in cement is to reduce the deformability in order to improve the concretes toughness and anti-detonating quality.
The fiber can also be used in sea water, which widens the range of use.

Qu Qiang brand improved polyester fiber can be used in circumstance with acid or alkali, under ultraviolet radiation, high temperature or frozen condition. The fiber prevents concrete from rupture and bend; it also improves the performance of intensity, toughness and slows down the aging problem.

Du Qiang fiber can be applied to the construction of dam, airport, highway, harbor, sea work and public utilities. It is especially good for paving road and bridge. Since it improves the capability against cracking and aging, it can also be applied to waterproofed floor, wall, tunnel and shaft.
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Du Qiang
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