Sell Quantum Touch Sensor

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QUANTUM series not only broke through the traditional man-machine interface design, the patent digital type electric charge shift induct chip has the continuous self-adjustment and the spread modulation function, specially developed for the consumer electronic products and household electrical appliances. Designers may create the brand-new man-machine interface product in lower cost; Penetrates each kind of dielectric kneading board to induce finger touching.

1~48 individual channels, through each kind of dielectric operation
Each induction channel with individual output pin
Each induction channel only requires one exterior electric capacity
High sensitivity, each induction channel may use individual adjustment
100% self-adjustment , without manual adjustments
5V single power operation
Toggle mode for On/Off switch
10sec , 60sec, unlimited self-adjusting cycles
Adjacent Key Suppression
Sync (QT140 , QT150 ) reduce disturbance function

Suitable for 3C products, light switch, industry control panel, security system, entrance guarding system, carriage controls, indicating system, game machines, sealed press key, may substitute for the film pressed key, toy/interaction games, detects, handset, MP3, PMP, DSC, Portable DVD, PDA, PS, Notebook, Tablet PC safelyand etc .