Sell Quartz Crystals UM-1/UM-5

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Manufaceturers which specialise in producing Quarts Resonator such as HC-49U,49S,49S/SMD, SMD/7050,6035,5032,4025,3225 etc. and VCXO such as DIP8, DIP14 etc. which have been mainly applying for color TV, Automobile Electronics, PC Cards, Electronical Meter, DVD, MP3, Digital Camera, Military Engineering, Moblie&Telecommunication fields etc. Quality Management System ISO9001/2000 and Environment Management Certification System ISO14001/2004 has been implementing thoroghly and guarantee that highly meet with EU standrads of RoHS with Pb free production.
The type crystal units is designed for small mounting space and high stability. It can be used in mobile communication(cordless phone, pagers BP) . Also have the best ability against shock.
Frequency Range:10MHz~33MHz,44MHz一100MHz,75MHz~125MHz
Supply Capacity
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 pcs
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