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Quartz woven fabric with a wide range of thicknesses and weaving styles:
Diameter 5--10microns
Woven Construction: Plain, Twill, Satin
Thickness: 0.1-2.0mm
Infiltration Agents: Epoxidized
SiO2>99.95% Max99.99%
Operating temperature: 12000
ZY-201 QW110-92 Plain 10W10-0.11mm 120g/m2
ZY-211 QW120-92 Twill 20W20-0.12mm 135g/m2
ZY-202 QW140-92 Plain 16W14-0.14mm 150g/m2
ZY-231 QW220-92 Stain 16W16-0.22mm 230g/m2
ZY-232 QW280-92 Stain 36W20-0.28mm 280g/m2
ZY-233 QW700-92 Twill 20W20-0.12mm 135g/m2
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