Sell Quartz-Flex Accelerometer QA2010

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Quartz-Flex Accelerometer QA2010

Highest performance accelerometer available
Excellent turn-on repeatability and stability performance
Analog output
Field-adjustable range
Dual built-in self test
Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation


We produces the QA2010 for the highest inertial navigation-grade performance available in today's market. With high inherent quality, reliability, and long-term performance QA2010 Accelerometer, QA2010 can be applied in many applications including spacecraft navigation and control systems
QA2010 provides an acceleration-proportional output current providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. Through the use of a customer supplied output load resistor, appropriately scaled for the acceleration range of the application, the output current can be converted into a voltage. The QA2010 includes a current-output, internal temperature sensor. Through the use of a temperature-compensating algorithm; bias, scale factor, and axis misalignment performance is dramatically improved.

Parameters below are for typical. All the Quartz-Flex Accelerometers we provide are customized, any special requirement you can tell us.

Threshold Value/Resolution <=+/-8 ug
Measuring Range >=+/-6 0g
Bias <+/-4 mg
Scale Factor 0.9+/-0.10 mA/g
Second Order nonlinear coefficient <+/-30 ug/g2
Bias Stability (One Month) <=40 ug
Scale Factor Stability (One Month) <=40ppm
Second Order Nonlinear <=20 ug/g2
Bias Temperature Coefficient <=+/-40 ug/C
Scale Factor Temperature Coefficient <=+/-40 ppm/C
Misalignment <=+/-60"
Noise +/-10 uA
Vibration 5g [(20-2000) Hz]
Shock 100g
Low Air Pressure 133Pa,10min
Operating Temperature Range -45 to +80C
Operating Voltage (DC) +/-15V
Dimension Dia 25.4*12.5mm
Weight <=40 gram