Sell Quartz-Flex Accelerometer QA2201

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Quartz-Flex Accelerometer QA2201

Features of QA2201 Quartz-Flex Accelerometer

Low Power Consumption output current < 8mA

Highest performance accelerometer available
Excellent turn-on repeatability and stability performance

Analog output
Environmentally rugged

+/-2g operating range, can be used as tilt sensor
Well-drilling equipment used

QA2201 provides an acceleration-proportional output current providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. Through the use of a customer supplied output load resistor, appropriately scaled for the acceleration range of the application, the output current can be converted into a voltage. The QA2201 includes a current-output, internal temperature sensor. Through the use of a temperature-compensating algorithm; bias, scale factor, and axis misalignment performance is dramatically improved.

All the Quartz-Flex Accelerometers provided by Joint Sensor are customized.

Input Voltage: +/-12V - +/-18V
Input Current: <8mA
Insulation Resistance: >100 MOhm
Operating Range: +/-2G

Scale Factor
Initial: 1mA/G - 3mA/G
One Month Stability: <+/-0.01% of Initial Value
Drift with Temperature <+/-0.008%/ C

DC to 500Hz: 5uA/G
500Hz to 10kHz: 15uA/G

Threshold & Resolution 5uG
Non-Linearity: +/-0.01 % of Full Scale
Initial: <+/-15mG
One Month Stability: <0.5mG
Drift with Temperature: <80uG/ C
Initial: <+/-100"

Natural Frequency >400Hz
Damping 0.5
Weight 20 Grams
Operating Temperature -25 - 150 C
Survival Temperature -55 - 165 C
Sine (10Hz to 500Hz) : <30G's peak
Random (10Hz to 500Hz) : <20G's RMS

Shock Operating
Operating Temperature Range: 1000 G
Survival Temperature Range: 500 G
Shock Survival
Operating Temperature Range: 1500 G
Survival Temperature Range: 1000 G