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Quartz Wool is made from pure fused quartz fiber: amorphous, continuous, tangled, white, odorless,
Filament Diameter 9,4,2 microns;

Thermal protection
High temperature insulation for semiconductor industry
Catalytic support

High temperature use: 11000 long term
Resistance to thermal shocks
Low thermal conductivity
High electrical resistively
Low dielectric constant
Chemical resistance
Tech Data:
SiO2>99.95% Max99.99%
Operating Temperature: 11000
Resistivity at 200 1W10 T20(Ohms) m 8000 2W10T7 (Ohms) 7cm
Dielectric constnt at 10GHz 3.78
Loss Angle Tangent Value at 10GHz : 0.0002
Heat conductivity at 200 1.38 W. m-1. k-1
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