Sell Quick Fabric (HJ-105)

Quick Fabric (HJ-105)
HJ-105 Quick Fabric

Quick Fabric is probably one of the fastest ways to create the right impression. In less than a minute you can set up a 3x3 picture wall with a surface area of more than five square metres.
The printed fabric is a one-piece fabric graphic fixed on the structure, even when the display is folded and stored in the transport bag. When the display is set up by the tension hooks mounted on the structure, the fabric is stretched out to a smooth surface. ( with canvas bag)
Standard size available in:
4W3 (2300W2958mm)
3W3 (2300W2595mm)
2W3 (2300W1865mm)
1W3 (2300W1130mm)
Special size according to requirement
Brand Name
4W3, 3W3, 2W3, 1W3