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Quinoa real, because of its nutritive importance, is one of the main source of proteins with 12.5 a 15%, as average and can be compared with other food such as milk, meat, eggs and others.

Quinoa real, characterizes itself, more than the quantity, for the quality of its proteins given by the essential aminoacids.

Those who, because of some reasons that cannot have milk and dairy products can find in the quinoa the ideal substitute of calcium.

It does not content cholesterol, it does now allow to keep fat in the body, due to the presence of non-saturated olic acids is practically zero. It makes digestion easier

Celiac is a digestive disorder in which the small intestine has a toxic reaction to gluten, a protein commonly found in wheat and other grains. Treatment consists of a gluten free diet for life, which leads to a full recovery in most cases.

Origin: Bolivia
Price: MT. FOB Arica - Chile

Name descripction

Pearly quinoa: Royal quinoa in grain, product for export, it has a pearly color and a big grain of the royal variety, their use is quite wide; for example for soups, in the breakfast with milk, for bakery.

Quinoa in grain: Quinoa in grain, toast in order to use like rice, it is a excelente garnish for meats

Quinoa inflated: Quinoa inflated, excellent for a nutritious breakfast, used with milk like corn flake; like goody incorporating you flavors or like nougats; in confectionery like hailed for cakes and ice creams.

Flour: Flour of quinoa for bakery, it increment the nutritious courage of any food; in pastas, breads cookies