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Common Name: Quizalofop-p-ethyl
Chemical Name:
ethyl(R) -2-[4-(6-chloroquinoxalin-2-yloxy) phenoxy]
propionate (IUPAC)
Chemical family: Quinoxaline; phenoxy
Chemical Structure:

CAS NO. : 100646-51-3
Specification: 95% min
Physical & Chemical Properties: (technical)
Mol. wt. 372.8 M. f. C19H17ClN2O4
Form pale brown crystal, M. p. 76-77 0; B. p. 2200/26.7Pa; V. p. 0.04 mPa at 20 0; Solubility In water 0.4 mg/l at20 0; Acetone:650g/l, Ethanol:22g/l, Hexane:12g/l, Methanol:64g/l, Xylene: 360g/l. StabilityStable in neutral and acidic media, but unstable in alkaline media. Stable at high temperatures and in organic solvents. Corrosiveness Non-corrosive
Mode of Action:
Quizalofop-P-ethyl is a selective systemic herbicide, has a high selectivity between grass weeds and dicotyledons crop. It is absorbed in a few hours by stem and leaf and conducted to the whole body of annual weeds in 24 hours, mainly cumulating in the top organs and intraformational meristem. Leaves of annual weeds turn yellow 2-3 days after administration. Stem and leaf are necrotized in 4-7 days. The whole body withers and dies in 10-14 days. Perennial weeds conduct quizalofop-P-ethyl rapidly to subterranean stem after administration, having its internode and growth point destroyed and losing reproducibility. The compound is a new-type herbicide for dryland. The product can increase crop yield with its good weed killing activity and is favourable to environment protection with its high performance and low toxicity.
The compound is a low toxicity herbicide. Acute oral LD50:male adult rat, 1210 mg/kg; female adult rat,1128mg/kg.
Formulation: 5%EC,8.8%EC,10%EC
Package:Packed in 25kg drum.