Sell Quran Player--TQ316

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1. Complete Holy Quran (114 Surahs, 6236 verses) ,
2. Recited by Shaikh Meshary Bin Rashid Al-Afasy
3. Automatic five daily Salat Time with Adhan & Qibla Direction of more than 2,000 cities of the world
4. Large LCD (160X105pels) display in Arabic, English, Turkish, Malayu, Uighur
5. Easy and fast search for Surahs and Verses
6. Built in Audio speaker
7. Book marking of Surahs and Verses will be saved even power on/off shutdown
8. Usable at night through background light
9. Built in DC Adapter jack Recitation speed control in 3 steps
10. Holy Quran text in Uthmanic fonts licensed by Harf Information Technologies