Sell Quran Player-TQ516- High Resolution Color Screen

Quran Player-TQ516- High Resolution Color Screen
- High Resolution Color Screen(TFT)
- High Quality Voice Audio.
- Complete Holy Quran (114 Surahs) .
- Quran Translation in Urdu, English and French.
- Easy Navigation through All Sura and All Ayat.
- Holy Quran text in Uthmanic Font.
- Colorful slides of 99 names of Allah with Audio.
- Doaa Khatam Al-Qur'an with Audio.
- Surah and Verse number will be saved even after shutdown
- Daily supplications with colorful slides with audio.
- Clock with alarm setting.
- Builtin long lasting rechargable battery.
- Voice of Shaikh Abdul Rehman Al-Saudais.
& Shaikh Saoud Al-Sharaim
- Gift Box Packing with Charger, Earphone, Pouch & Manual
Qur'an Translations:
Urdu: Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhry
English: Dr. Mohsin Khan
French: King Fahad Complex for printing of The Holy Qur'an, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia