Sell R/C Flying Saucer&Blimp W/batteries(888)

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. Item No. :888
. Description: R/C Mini Flying Saucer&Blimp w/Batteries
. Quantity: 24pcs/ctn
. Package: Color Box
. Size: 69*51*79cm (Window Box)
. Minimum Order:240pcs
. Delivery Time: 5days

. Complete Kit:
. Includes Radio Control Transmitter, Tri-Turbofan
Gondola, One Flying Saucer and/or One Blimp Balloon,
Gallasr Putty and Instructions
. Insert Batteries & Add Helium to Saucer Blimp. Requires
one 9V battery for Transmitter and One 3 Volt (DL 123A) .
Battery for Tri-Turbofan Gondola.
. Attach Tri-turbofan Gondola to Balloon With Tape. Adjust
Ballast Weights for Neutral Buoyancy.

. More Power More Maneuverability! - Three Micromotor
Powered Hi-Thrust Helical Propellers for Full Aerial
. Digital Radios - Three Channel Microprocessor Control
Radio Control System!
. Perfect for 'Aerial Sumo Racing' - Fly Up to 4 Airships
at once! Compete with your Friends for Aerial Supremacy!

Indoor Flying Is Fun - And we make it easy to start!
The Multi-Controller Transmitter modulates the thrust from
each propeller independently allowing you to take off and
land vertically, spin in place, and fly in all directions.

Within a few minutes you will be able to pilot your airship
around your living room like a pro. How very relaxing
flying like this truly is!

Balloon is filled using helium canisters, available from
most party shops & florists.
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