Sell R/C Flying bird (Ornithopter flying like bird)

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It was developed for the first time in the world , it fly sky like bird.

(This is Cybird)
- 2 Channel R/C Ornithopter (Robot Bird)
- Motor and battery powered ( No Fuel needed )
- Long flight time ( 20 min. )
- Real birdlike performance and no pollution
- Flapping mechanism
- Safe design

- Our excellent product Cybird is operated by a motor and battery so that it can fly for 20 minutes if the battery
is fully charged. And it doesn't need an engine or fuel.
That makes Cybird very different from any other products and what it is so special about.

- Calm performance , No pollution!!
Finally we did actualize it.

- Cybird flies by flapping mechanism and its amazing performance looks like a real bird.
The real bird's flying principle is by 3 motions - flapping, twisting, folding.
However Cybird flies by only flapping and the fact that it can fly around like a bird is such an attractive event.
Flight speed, direction and altitude can be controlled by a 2-channel remote controller.

- It's made of carbon and intensified fiber glass which makes Cybird strong and light.
Therefore, anyone can easily enjoy Cybird.
And it is safer ornithopter of all.

- Most flying objects with wing movements use an engine, an elastic string or compressed gas as a power source.

- A flying object powered by elastic power or compressed gas can be easily handled, but its flight time is very short
and the direction and altitude are hard to control.
But Cybird got over all the faults.
The merit of Cybird is long flight time and simple and clean power source.

Product type: Ornithopter
Length of wing: 740mm
Length of body: 400mm
Weight: 200g
Operation method: Motor / Battery
Motor: DC motor 300 rpm
Flight time: 15 to 20 min.
Usage: R/C toy
Age limit: over 12