Sell R/C airplane model BEE SPORT FLYER

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Bee Sport flyer Electric Scale R/C Airplane
Easy to fly for beginners with stable flight characteristics;
Low speed hedgehopping at speed of 10km/h;
Lightweight with anti-collide;
Low C. G. design with special stability;
Anti-pitch performance;
Stable nosing down;
Controllable nose landing gear, easy to fly;
Die-cast design easy to replace the spare parts;
Solid wing (For Slow Flyer) ;
Clipped wing (For Sport Flyer) ;
Stable flight with rolls, loops, and inverted flight

Wingspan: 1120 mm
Length: 1085mm
Flying Weight: 650g
Wing Area: 24 dm2
Wing Load: 27 g/dm2

Powerful Out runner Brushless motors;
Powerful 15A Brushless ESC;
8 X 6 Propeller;
Three 9 gram Servos;
4 Channels Transmitter;
6 Channels Receiver;
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