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CL28 Close Range MultiPurpose Unmanned Air Vehicle(UAV) System
CL-28 low cost small UAV system is used in close-range to produce real-time TV imagery and gathering still photographs in daylight. By modification it can be used in atmospheric population research, agriculture infrared remote sensing and public security etc.

1. The Air Vehicle

CL-28 T. O launching weight is 18 kilograms, wingspan is 3.05 meters length overall is 2.42 meters. One 44 cc 3 hp single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled piston engine is installed at rear of the fuselage pod to drive a two-blade pusher propeller. Such a layout configuration can avoid the waste oil steam population, such as to the camera lens, and because of the single boom general arrangement, assessment and maintain-repair are simpler.

The one-piece mid-wing has 50 dihedral, square wing and tail wing. All systems are housed within the fuselage. The aircraft is constructed using epoxy compositions and carbon fibre.

Making a comparision to the two different technology methods between the test date and design values, it can be seen that, not only the strength of these structure is enough to use but also is of their original in characteristics respectively.

2. Flight Control System.

The requirements for CL-28 are GPS autonomous navigation. When the telemetry, video, ground display and digital autopilot will be connected with it, the CL-28 can sufficiently enable out of sight flying, up to 50km.

The Avionics are:

GPS / Sensor avionics package
Digital Autopilot
Video Link (camera, transmitter and receiver)
Airborne Micro Computer
Battery Packs.
The flight control can be implemented by an airborne integrated autopilot/stabilizer which accepts and processes the sensors date as well as compares them with signals which storing in airborne pre-programme control unit. The resulting error voltages produce proportional angular signals in pitch, roll and yaw channels to driving the aerodynamic surfaces via the servo mechanisms. The airspeed, heading and manoeuvre are controlled directly by operator using telecommand transmitter.
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