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In order to save money , pay less taxes, and increase the financial fitness of companys wich I work with, I have an advising line in Real Estate.
This way, companys have a reserved fund when business times aren`t good.

Now I`m exploring a wonderfull resort wich is situated in Algarve Coast line-Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago-Where people like Paul McCartney the singer, have a big villa, and other important business and political world figures, invest their money in Real Estate.

This resorts are one of the most wanted Real Estate resorts in Europe, to save (and double) companys money. You can ask and see for yourself.

You can do too, pay less taxes, double your investment in 7 years, have a golden retirement or something to help if your company get bad times. We never know . . .

And this type of investment , you can enjoy it
spending hollidays here, unspoilled beaches, golf courses, casinos, marinas to sail, etc.

If you`re interested in knowing more acurate info, you can come and be escorted by specialized
personell and see for yourself, on a tree days business trip, the airport is fifteen Km. away,
of nice five stars hotels, where you can stay.
the international airport of Faro- Algarve -Portugal-I think it4s about 5 hours or less from your house!!

We have villas and plots , where you can invest your money, we work with known Real Estates Companys, that are linked with the best international banks, where you can get info about them.

This way you`ll be known by your company administration , as someone who is proactive and a good partner to work with.

Meanwille you can watch-in Internet
Algarve- Vale do Lobo-Quinta do Lago

Kind regards !!

Francisco Rosa
International Marketing Consultant