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Product Name : R4 Ds Revolution R4ds Microsd / Tf Slot-1 Solution Adapter

Model ID: DW-G034

Product Description:
The R4DS Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. It is Just an amazing little device like original DS cart size, it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any a additional components or deal with any messy software and truly the easiest media enhancer you have ever done; To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular DS / DS lite owner. Supports roms, multimedia files, or Homebrew games of any size. Directly Drags and drops all files into the MicroSD (TF) card from Computer.

Key Feature :
1. Original NDS cart size: R4 is the same size as original DS cartridge, which never sticks out of any DS & DS Lite.
2. Support TF unlimited capacity: With High-speed data transferring technology, R4DS supports the ultra large capacity TF (MicroSD) cards upto 4GB (32Gbit) in size;
3. Support all kinds of DS roms, Using plug & Play technology: R4 directly plays in SLOT-1 of the DS without any passcard, FlashMe or WifiMe, and perfectly supports all version of DS including Fat DS. DSL. Ids. Idsl. It also uses plug & play, no Software needed!
4. Support GBA link function and GBA cartridge slot: For using of DS Slot-1, R4DS already has PassMe functionality built in, it supports GBA games which is pluged in slot-2 and also the games which are required to use DS Slot-2 such as Rumble pack, Opera Extend cart, Gyroscope Adapter.
5. Compatible with Clean Roms, Movie, Music and other media files: R4 supports clean ROMs, Homebrews and Multimedia files with no slow-downs or hang-up,
6. Very low Power consumption: R4 uses Very Low Power Consumption, which means you can play Games, Multimedia files, and Homebrew more.
7. Perfect Save system: There is no PC software required and no more backup and restorage, directly Drag and drop all files into the MicroSD (TF) card from Computer;
8. Compatible with all the DS gamesave type: R4 is Compatible with all the DS gamesave type and easy to Manage your gamesave files. Menu program can be easily updated through TF (MicroSD) cards.
Supply Capacity
50,000 Units Per Month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 workdays
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