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RAP4 XPower, the latest and the best training marker. The RAP4 XPower is identical to the legendary M4 rifle used by SWAT Teams, Special Operation Groups, and the U. S. Military. The M4 carbine, the U. S. Military's weapon of choice, is known for its solid construction, durability, and sustained reliability, and things are no different with the RAP4 XPower. This marker is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4.

RAP4 XPower features include:
- Cartridge case ejects after each shot
- 100% Mimic of the M4 from appearance to operation
- Shoots .43 paintballs
- Magazine fed system
- Marker cease to fire when magazine is emptied
- 20 Round capacity
- Can be fully submerged in water
- Velocity setting at: 270-300fps (recreational use)
- Velocity setting at: 370-400fps (Law Enforcement and Military use)
- All metal construction
- Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
- Simple to operate and easy to maintain
- Semi Automatic Firing Mode
- CO2 and Nitrogen/Compressed Air adaptable
- Lower consumption of gas
- Low pressure/steady pressure operation
- Fully customizable (e. g. R. I. S. Hand guard)
- Weather/air temperature doesn't affect the shooting velocity with N2 or CO2
- 5 Year Warranty